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rolex gmt-master ii replica Lady Arpels Extraordinary Dial Models: A Dozen Watches With Astrological Motifs On Artistic Faces

rolex gmt-master ii replica

rolex gmt-master ii replica Ladies Arpels Zodiac Extraordinary Dials Cancer Watch

Four groupsThe inspiration for the entire new watch series came from a collection of jewelry that Van Cleef & Arels first released in the 1950s. Van Cleef & Arels produced twelve different dials to match the 12 zodiac signs. There are four main types of Zodiac signs, and four matching groups,panerai replica watches which all have three watches. Each member of the same group has the same type and number of additional motifs. They also have the same dials and straps in matching colors.

The Aries-dedicated timekeeper VCARO4/100 is the first of the fire signs.bell & ross replica It has hand-engraved, sculpted sections made of gold and mother of pearl, red enamel on its face, and white and yellow round-cut, diamonds that are set on a golden surface in stars-shaped shapes. Similar models are also available with red enamel and the same strap, as well flames as an extra motif on the faces.

rolex gmt-master ii replica Lady Arpels Zodiac Exordinary Dials Capricorn Watch

The second group has green enamel on the dials and matching wristlets. A leaf is used as a supplementary design. The materials used to decorate the faces are more varied in these models. Taurus (the VCARO4/200), has lapis-lazuli elements. Capricorn (the VCARO4/A00), features yellow diamonds. Virgo (the VCARO4/600), has mother-of-pearl.

The third trio of air signs are made from cloud sculptures in motherofpearl,rolex fake light-blue enamel on the dial, and white-colored attachments. Gemini (VCARO4/300), has stars made of white gold and set in white diamonds. Aquarius model (VCARO4/500), has the same ornaments as in the previous group, but also features sections in lapis lazuli and round white diamonds. Libra (the VCARO4/700), a third similar model, is made with stars made from sculpted gold and with two types of diamonds: round-cut or taper-cut.

We have finally reached three timekeepers of the Lady Arpels Zodiac Extraordinary Dial Series. They are made with deep-blue enameled dials, straps, and wave motifs made from mother-of-pearl.rolex gmt-master ii replica These are water signs. The VCARO4/C00 Pisces model adds stars made from red gold and encrusted in yellow round diamonds. The VCARO4/700 Scorpio model is the second in this group. It also includes pear-cut and opal sections. The VCARO4/400 Cancer model features pink gold sculpting, pink sapphires, and opal sections.

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